Probate Valuations

Probate Valuations.

All Area House Clearances aim is to make the whole process of probate valuations as professional and trouble free as possible. When someone passes away, their belongings (chattels), home and probate valuationsearnings are all subject to probate. Any owed debts, or inheritance tax are paid via the sale of these things. This can be a difficult process, not only emotionally, but logistically. Not being able to identify what objects are worth can end in loss of potential means to pay these expenses.

The contents of a home are all potentially valuable, but pieces can get missed or undervalued. We are happy to visit the property and catalogue and value the goods (chattels) of the premises, that is, everything except the fabric of the building. It can make a lot of difference making use of a professional house contents valuation service before putting things up for sale and it can lead to better prices and therefore perhaps the ability to keep other heirlooms that may have been sold without proper examination and valuation.

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If you would like to see what is involved in valuing someones estate for probate, the government website has information about the requirements and processes involved. Visit:

To understand even more about probate and the issues surrounding probate the Law Society provides a wealth of information. Check out the following guide on their website